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Motorcyclists restore church that was inactive for three years


On the last weekend , bikers AMM Brazil participated in an important ceremony of rededication , where a church in southern Bahia state who was inactive for three years returned to work . At the ceremony , beyond the local community , attended the national president of the AMM , Leomar Gehrke , pastors Leonardo Chaves de Almeida Teixeira and Alex , both of Bahia Sul Association ( ABS ) .


The church is located at km 46 of BR 364 and linking , among others , the cities of Eunápolis , Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália gained a new " nickname " and called the AMM Chapel . According to the state director , Aurelio Santos , the name reminds prayer chapel , and so the name was chosen .


The first church was built on the site in 1982 by José Raimundo Alves de Almeida and his wife Neuzita Fagundes dos Santos Almeida.Eles had acquired the property in a rural area and decided to build the first chapel for the family to congregate where , since, until now, there were no churches nearby.


After a few years the place was small because other Adventists came to gather the family together . Thus came the need to build a second church . Shortly after , family businesses have made other families as lords Damm and Emilio José Silva Sacramento passed a part of the congregation , and these last two, were responsible for the construction of the third church on the site , coming this being the first Adventist church in safe harbor .


From the year 2000 with the increase in population in villages and neighboring towns , other temples were built and some members migrated for them to be closer to their homes . For this reason the church began to be empty . Dona Neuzita account that was just her , her children and grandchildren . But then their children were living in another city . Thus , after more than 20 years active in 2010 for lack of members , the church closed its doors .


Before long , that on December 14, 2013 the director of the AMM in the state of Bahia , Aurelio Santos , and one of the members Dhyerlei Damm , for reasons of our God , through the site , entered the church and saw the writing on the wall IDE . At the same time felt a desire to reactivate it . Aurelio said his desire , explaining the ministry and the work performed and motorcyclists , owner Neuzita accepted proposal , where the AMM restore the small temple . At the time, thrilled and grateful , made a prayer making a commitment before God to revive the church and make the place a hangout for motorcycle clubs and community prayer .


The reopening


On Saturday morning programming was the central church of Eunápolis , with much praise , testimony and prayer. The whole group was involved and divine worship was led by member Leomar Gehrke . At the time we designed a video with words of thanks and encouragement, coming from the world president Juan Santos .


On Saturday afternoon , with full of bikers and supporters Chapel , the program began with the entry of members of the AMM , where everyone is positioned to receive two new members . Bikers and Gilson Dedinha


Osvaldo Goncalves Dias were baptized this afternoon and received their shields , thus officially becoming part of the AMM . The ceremony also was attended by the Quartet Peace


To close the Saturday afternoon and brighten further rededication ceremony two juveniles , Ana Beatriz Santos Almeida and Almeida Santos Joiciany , both granddaughters of Mrs. Neuzita decided their lives alongside the great I AM and also down to the baptismal waters .




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