Ray Ruiz (President)


My name is Ray Ruiz, 

I was born in Roma Texas.
My beautiful wife’s name is Leticia, I am Texas born and raised and my wife is from Honduras.
I have 3 beautiful grown children Bianca, Ramon and Ramsey.


Leticia and I got married and baptized in April 2014 and we dated for 3 yrs before that.
My wife grew up Seventh-Day Adventist and I have been SDA since 2014 and I love serving the Lord.
We enjoy our time together.


I have a love for studying the Holy Bible and prophecy,  motorcycles, working as a youth coach in

basketball, baseball and soccer  and I enjoy working out.
We are members of Houston Central SDA Church.

Jose Sinuhé Figueroa (Vice-president)


I am from the coastal city of Acapulco Mexico,I grew up under the wing of a modest family of state workers, sucking all the information and experiences that life at the port can bring to a young curious mind. Exemplary student by day, party-boy by night, I spend my teenage years "living the life”.


When I became bored trying to fill an emptiness within me, I emigrated to the U.S. where I earned a life as a “jack of all trades”, from newspaper editor to construction laborer, while at the same time engaging in risky and illegal endeavors.

Today, married to Daisy, my balance and complement and with our three children, Issah, Aidah and Joseph, after knowing the Truth and the Life of the Gospel of the Christ, we now pursuit a different goal, one not of this world, as we seek, in the basis of daily trial and error the pursuit of His Kingdom and His Justice.


In a few words, ill like to say that I am:
The Lord's servant, herald, citizen of the kingdom of Heaven, and daily seeker of Christlike perfection.

AMM Houston TX Chapter
It is a blessing to be part of this great Worldwide Ministry.... Where Every Ride is a Mission.