AMM Membership Application Form

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Membership Requirements

1. Pay annual dues on January 1st of each year.
2. Participating in the monthly meeting of the chapter.
3. Participate in at least one activity per month.
4. Wear the uniform and vest every time we go out.

5. Comply with the statutes and regulations dictated on the AMM Manual.

6. As a member you agree to assist and support this ministry

       $30.00 Rider,        $15.00 Passenger,        $15.00 Supporter. (Annual Dues)

       additional $40.00 for patches & $8.00 S&H



Code of Conduct Pledge


 I realize that I must adhere to the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry (AMM). I will especially ensure that the following issues and matters are always considered:  I must follow the “Code of Conduct” presented in the AMM Rules and Regulations in regards to “ethics and morals” as well as all other expectations regarding my attitude and behavior. I am aware that violating any of these rules could result in my being asked to discontinue as a participant of AMM.


I must, also, follow and support the regulations for participation during AMM events;


No tobacco products

No alcohol

No foul language

No inappropriate fraternization with the opposite sex


All rules and regulations must be followed when attending any AMM activity.


I clearly understand and accept the purpose and goal of the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry.